Is there enough fibre in your diet?

I remember watching a cooking program with Peter Russel Clarke once and He said the quickest way to tell if there was enough fibre in your diet was to see if the logs floated. You know, have a look back when the performance is over. Now I don’t know how true that is, maybe someone can confirm or deny that.

So I dont think this log was produced with enough fibre, either that or it was water logged. Or maybe even stuck in the sand, But I found this washed up on the Currumbin Beach.

Just don’t be afraid to get your toes wet, Fortunately the Carbon fibre in my Gitzo Tripod doesn’t rust in the salt water. Just allow the first wave or 2 to help settle the tripod into the sand with a bit of help, Like push down and wiggle, or your camera will start sinking during exposure, Which is not the desired effect that you would be chasing.

Anyway hope you like it.

Need more fibre



About andrewhalsallphotography

I am a local photographer now based in the Gold Coast Queensland, Long story... I used to live in Albany, Western Australia. I owned Albany camera House and sold that in 2010. I was a part time lecturer at Albany Institute of Technology teaching photography and Photoshop. Just for fun I am a commercial SCUBA diver. I mainly do landscape Photography which is my passion and i love aerial photography. I have been photographing Southern Right Whales for the WA museum. Doing Photo Identification. I also do commercial and travel photography. I have been on assignment for Aurora Expeditions to Antarctica, PNG and the Kimberly and Coral Princess Cruises in the Top end of Australia. I have also been known to do the odd wedding. I am available for Commercial, Aerial and Underwater Photography both locally and abroad.
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